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These 3 Studies Show How Pornography Affects Teens

Although there are hundreds upon hundreds of studies exploring the effects of pornography, only a small portion of them analyze porn’s potential effects on teenagers or kids. That’s partly because it can be understandably difficult to get approval to study...

Throw Out that Old Comfortable Shirt

Have you ever had something in your closet or dresser that’s exceeded its expected lifespan of usefulness but yet you refuse to throw it out? Maybe it’s underwear that’s a little too thin and stretched out. Maybe it’s an ill-fitted sweatshirt...


Over the course of my time working with partners of sex addicts  (PSAs) I've heard a number of stories of women who have been accused of being "judgmental" for calling their husband out on his sexual sin. The bible obviously has a lot of stern warnings about...

Difficult Conversations Lead to Roots

My husband and I were sitting by the fire outside last fall. It was late and, honestly, I was tired. He wanted to have a chat about our sex life. I instantly became aware of that mental wall I had around all things sexual instantly come up. Yet, I knew that this...

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