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Pornography StatisticsPornography Statistics

Finding up-to-date information about pornography use can be a daunting task for a researcher. We have carefully researched 250+ facts, statistics, and quotes about porn use, porn and psychology, and the porn industry.

Each fact is referenced with its original source. In many cases, we also provide the URL to find the source online. In this way, this compilation of stats, quotes, and figures acts as a starting place for your own research.

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The Porn CircuitThe Porn Circuit

Discover why people become obsessed with pornography. Science shows us that acting out with pornography taps into our powerful neurochemistry, and this can quickly lead a person to use porn habitually.

The good news is that the brain has a lifelong ability to wire and rewire itself. Learn all about it in The Porn Circuit: Understand Your Brain and Break Porn Habits in 90 Days.

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Your Brain on PornYour Brain on Porn

Learn the 5 proven ways pornography warps your brain, including how porn: – decreases sexual satisfaction – lowers one’s view of women – desensitizes the viewer to cruelty.

You’ll also learn how the gospel, obedience to God’s Word, and quality fellowship renews your mind and moves you toward freedom.

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For couples

hope-after-porn-cover-231x300Hope After Porn

4 women share their heartache…and how their marriages were saved.

Today, over half of divorce cases involve one party having an obsessive interest in Internet porn. More and more men withdraw from real intimacy with their wives and into digital worlds of fantasy.

In this free e-book, Hope After Porn, you will read stories from four women who have personally known the devastation pornography can cause in a marriage. They give readers a glimpse of the betrayal, the hurt, and the choices they made to try and make a difference.

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porn-and-your-husband-coverPorn and Your Husband:
A Recovery Guide for Wives

Discovering your husband uses porn may be one of the most emotionally devastating experiences of your life. You may wonder if you did something wrong, or why you didn’t notice the signs, or whether you will ever be able to trust him again.

Porn and Your Husband: A Recovery Guide for Wives will help you begin to answer some of the big questions and learn some practical tips for bringing healing and reconciliation to your relationship.

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For church leaders

Ministry-Leaders-HandbookInternet Pornography:
A Ministry Leader’s Handbook

When someone involved in ministry secretly struggles with the sins of lust and pornography, where do they turn for help? What if that person is regarded as the spiritual leader—the pastor, the elder, the minister, the shepherd of the flock? Where can that person find help? What would happen if others knew about the struggle?

In this free e-book you will read the stories of pastors and counselors who dealt personally with these difficult questions, and many have broken free from Internet pornography addictions themselves.

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porn-free-churchPorn-Free Church:
Raising up gospel communities to destroy secret sins

Pornography is prevalent everywhere today. In fact, one in eight online searches is for pornography. Because pornography thrives in secrecy, many members of your congregation may be trapped in a cycle of sin and shame, thinking that they’re the only ones facing the temptation.

In this e-book, you will find out how you can help your congregation find freedom from porn in the Gospel.

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fight-porn-in-your-church-cover-232x300Fight Porn In Your Church:
What works & why it matters

Porn is a huge problem in the church. In fact, 64% of Christian men and 15% of Christian women say they watch porn at least once a month.

fight-porn-in-your-church-coverAt the same time, pastors don’t know where to begin with addressing this issue. They don’t know how to make their churches feel like safe spaces to open up about secret sin, or how to bring up sensitive subjects when there are kids in the congregation.

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