The Bitterness Bully

Bitterness is a bully. It spits in the face of your spouse,
slaps him around a bit, and leaves him feeling humiliated. Bitterness has no
place in marriage.

When you’ve been betrayed or offended by your spouse (or
anyone else for that matter!), it is far too easy to let bitterness take hold
in your heart. You say you forgive them outwardly, but inwardly, you cling to
your pain and you refuse to let it go. As bitterness begins to grow, your heart
begins to harden towards the person you love. And you find yourself nit-picking
every little thing they do. You find yourself being more and more annoyed by
him. Your love is waning and you don’t even realize it’s your fault because you’ve
allowed bitterness to take hold and bitterness convinces you that it’s always his fault. You begin to question all his
motives. Your arguments increase and your intimacy decreases. Until you wake up
one day and realize that you can’t stand to be around your spouse and you don’t
know why. Bitterness. Bitterness doesn’t care about repentance. Bitterness
doesn’t care if your husband has changed. Bitterness can’t see the wonderful
things God has done in his life. All bitterness cares about is the past. All
bitterness can see is the pain.

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