You Don’t Have to Try so Hard

I saw this video today and I was blown
away by it.

At first I thought about showing it to
my daughter and talking to her about the beauty that is within her,
that gentle and quiet spirit that God considers precious. And I will.

But then I thought that I need to show
it to you. The women who visit my site because they are broken by the
effects of pornography. You. The one who doesn’t feel pretty. Who
doesn’t feel attractive. Who feels like she has to TRY SO HARD to be
someone you’re not because you think that’s the only way your husband
will notice you. You think that’s the only way you can compete with
the “beauty” that your husband has been watching in porn.

I want to share this video with you
because my heart sunk a little as I watched it. When I saw Colby
before she took off her hair extensions, her fake eye lashes, and her
make-up, I felt like she looked like that woman that I can never hope
to look like. She looked like that worldly woman that all of us try
to compare ourselves to. And then as the video goes on, my eyes
filled with tears. As the women in the video stripped away their
lipstick …read more

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