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Why Do I Look at Porn When I’m Angry?

Hey, it’s Craig. Today we’re talking about why you look at porn, when you look at porn and where you look at porn. We talk a lot about “triggers.” Some of you are, perhaps, familiar with that language, but for those who aren’t…...

4 Ways Porn Warps the Way Women View Themselves

FTND Note: While we are specifically addressing heterosexual women here, it is important to mention that porn can have a negative impact on everyone, including men. There are too many voices out there telling girls they don’t have what it takes one way or...

Be Still and Know…?

This beautiful article, illustrating the spiritual crisis experienced by the majority of wives of sex addicts/men with problematic sexual behavior, was written several months ago by Gaelyn Rae Emerson. Gaelyn is a coach specialising in supporting wives who are...

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