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Spiritual Crisis in Wives of SAs: Part 2

As mentioned last week, the Beyond Betrayal/JHJ spiritual crisis survey results showed that 63% of women experienced a crisis of faith upon discovery of their husband’s betrayal. The crisis centered on either God, on the church or on both. At present we are...

Porn Can’t Deliver What We’re Created For

When I was thirteen years old, I was riding my bike around the neighborhood when I saw in an alley some pieces of paper that caught my eye. I stopped my bike and bent down to pick up what turned out to be a magazine. As I took a closer look, I had my first view of one...

Embrace the Pain

Imagine…You are inches away from becoming back-back World Champions.  With the eyes of the world on you, you fight to stay fixed in the present moment…The smell of the grass…The electricity in the crowd…The satisfaction of the...

5 Signs That You May Have A Real Problem With Porn

Photo by Brooke Cagle. This post was written by Dr. Diana Baldwin, a licensed therapist with Elevate Recovery. 3 minute read. How do you know if you have a real problem with pornography? There are a lot of opinions on what designates a pornography addiction...

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