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The Celibate (with Sex-Addict) Marriage

This week author Briar Whitehead concludes our three-part series on same-sex attraction sex addiction with thoughts on "the celibate marriage." Obviously there are many wives of sex addicts who are living in a celibate (or near celibate) marriage, regardless of...

How You Can Quit Watching Porn Today

Sections of the following post come from an article originally shared by our friends over at Fortify, a recovery resource. Visit their site for more resources geared toward recovery. So you want to quit watching porn? If you have a porn habit, but find...

The Other… Man??

Part 2 of a 3 part series on same-sex attraction (SSA) sex addiction, by Briar Whitehead Why is it, in this heartbreaking business of sexual addiction that we feel more deeply betrayed when we discover our partner has been acting out with another man, rather than with...

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