On Trauma, Triggers… Part 2

Last week I spent some time distinguishing between betrayal trauma (the results of a one-time disclosure event and/or a long-standing pattern of abuse, neglect, etc.), triggers/PTSD  (the aftershocks of betrayal trauma) and re-traumatization (new traumas on the same betrayal theme).  I also pointed out that the symptoms of all of the above can be pretty much the same. Just as a review, most trauma symptoms fall into one of two major categories, hypo-arousal such as:

Numbness (physical and/or emotional)Slowed digestionBrain fog/memory problems/difficulty communicatingDissociation

And hyper-arousal:

Terror/panic attacksHypervigilanceNightmares/sleeping problemsRage/lashing out (verbally or physically)Why it Doesn’t Really Matter

Sometimes, though, the symptoms (or at least the

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