Spiritual Crisis: when church attacks

One of the respondents to the 2015 Spiritual Crisis survey wrote:

“After 13 years of fake recovery, I left him and had two churches turn against me because they believed him… I’m considering joining a bar instead of a new church.”

So many of us, after barely surviving the pain of betrayal, find we then have to endure the abuse of other Christians. This is a tragic assault on the wounded. A tragic failure on the part of the church. However, it isn’t a failure on God’s part. He is still there for us. He longs to comfort us at this time.

Over the years I’ve seen so many women confuse God with the church, and make the heartbreaking decision of walking away from Him… rather than just “them.”

It’s an easy enough position to take. The church is supposed to be His Body… right? But we need to get

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