Spiritual Crisis… and Moving Past

In this last post in our spiritual crisis series, I am again drawing from one of the responses to the 2015 joint Beyond Betrayal/ACOJ spiritual crisis survey. I will also be sharing some of my own story of overcoming spiritual crisis… where it overlaps a bit with this respondent’s journey.

This respondent, the wife of a sex addict who is struggling with her faith, wrote in:

“Now I am preparing to leave and I have not consulted God on this decision because I don’t want to hear it if He says ‘stay.’ This addiction has caused me to purposely not listen to God.” — Spiritual Crisis Survey respondent

Been There

I totally understand this sentiment. The moment I came to the decision that I could not stay with my first husband, I felt so cold, empty and alone. I stopped talking to/listening to God for the first time since my

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