Meet The Guys from India Who Rode 2,000 Miles To Raise Awareness On Porn’s Harms

Stamp your passport for India!
All NoPornovember long, we’ll hear from Fighters all over the world who are on the frontlines in this fight for love. These impact stories show us that with every head-turning tee worn and every fact shared on porn’s harms, we’re actively changing the conversation and making a difference.


In a country where love is idealized too much, there is never difficulty in initiating conversations about it.

Most people in India agree that pornography isn’t healthy, but no one would admit that they consume it. While there is this wonderful consensus about the harms of porn, few would think about spreading awareness about it even though you’d think they wouldn’t have a problem with it! While love can be easy to talk about, pornography is too taboo. So to begin a conversation about porn isn’t easy—it is easier to talk about true love first.

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