Spiritual Crisis (in wives of sex addicts)

In June and July 2015, Beyond Betrayal, Journey to Healing & Joy (JHJ) and Donna Meredith-Dixon (A Door of Hope) teamed up to do a survey of wives of sex addicts. The theme of this particular survey was spiritual crisis and spiritual growth. We had a good response, with over 100 women filling out the survey and sharing their stories.

Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be looking at overall trends we discovered from the responses. After that, I’ll be sharing more of the women’s personal responses (though not their names) and using these as a starting point for discussion.

What We Learned

Trauma researchers have long understood that traumatic events cause either a spiritual or existential crisis in victims. Thus, we were surprised that only 63% of the women surveyed felt they experienced a crisis of faith upon discovery of their husband’s addiction. However, that’s still a lot

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