Spiritual Crisis in Wives of SAs: Part 3

This week we begin exploring spiritual crisis, in wives of sex addicts, that centers on the church and other Christians. Many of the women who responded to our June/July 2015 spiritual crisis survey relayed stories of pain and trauma induced by other Christians and church leaders. This is unfortunately an all too common occurrence worldwide. (See last week’s video interview with Amanda from Australia for an example.)

They Believe Him… Not Us

In Journey to Healing and Joy’s spiritual crisis podcast, JHJ’s Coach Katherine tells listeners that sexual addiction is never the sole addiction in operation. There’s always an addiction as well to lies and deception. She goes on to challenge pastors that without training they are likely to get caught in the addict’s web of deception. When this happens our church leaders may then turn on us — because all too often our husbands are pointing a finger our

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