Spiritual Crisis in Wives of SAs: Part 2

As mentioned last week, the Beyond Betrayal/JHJ spiritual crisis survey results showed that 63% of women experienced a crisis of faith upon discovery of their husband’s betrayal. The crisis centered on either God, on the church or on both.

At present we are exploring women’s painful feelings toward God and the thoughts that fueled those feeling. In the first part of this series, we looked at the pain that came from a sense of being duped by the God who knew, but didn’t help us find out sooner. We also discussed the sense of injustice that some women feel. Below were some other common themes that we saw:

Feelings of Rejection and Judgment

A number of women stated that they felt they had come under God’s wrath for something they had done. There were also women who stated that they felt that this was some kind of just punishment for

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