Embrace the Pain

Imagine…You are inches away from becoming back-back World Champions.  With the eyes of the world on you, you fight to stay fixed in the present moment…The smell of the grass…The electricity in the crowd…The satisfaction of the impending victory after decades of “mastering your craft.” 

It seems with each beat of your heart, you sense opposing teams spirit to “deflating.” 

In a moment, an outcome you never expected, sucker-punches you right in your gut.  Your greatest dream of being on one of the most uncommon teams in world history is snatched right from your hands as you watch the confetti of the opposing teams colors raining down upon you.  

Super Bowl 49 was one of those painful moments in my life. 

Being in the locker room right after the loss was such a raw moment.  Our head coach said a few words to the team, then

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