What If We Told You Not All Men Enjoy Abusing And Humiliating Others?

Cover photo by Brooke Cagle. 8 minute read

In a world where sexual objectification and violence sell, it can be difficult to see what media is doing to our perception of those around us. It can make us distrusting of people, and presume that in some way or another, the guys and girls around us fit a specific stereotype, no matter how untrue or hurtful it is.

For example, because of the normalization of sexual exploitation in hardcore pornography, which is largely women being abused at the hands of aggressive men, it can be so easy to fall into the trap of thinking that all men enjoy hurting others. And not only that, but it can be easy to think that for them, it’s sexually exciting for them to intentionally hurt their sexual partner(s). The choking, slapping, hitting, forced sex, and verbal abuse that’s on the front page of most main

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