Why I Feel Sorry for Girls Growing Up in Today’s Society

I feel many modern girls can be compared to cheap and unhealthy ice cream. They lack substance, are fake, and provide little to no value.

The average girl appears to have been cloned. Her hair, makeup, jewelry, attire, social media practices, Netflix binges, and daily Starbucks order make her blend in instead of stand out. Her knowledge of what is trending, her use of slang terms and hashtags, and the many hours she spends with other girls gossiping or daydreaming about cute guys really amounts to a waste of a life in my opinion.

After years of leftist indoctrination (feminism) and grooming by the culture (anything espoused by the media), she becomes little more than a disposable object and yet seems to be okay with it. Society has convinced her that the loftiest goal she can attain to in life is to be “hot” and sexually appealing (the problem being these are her

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