The Wife is to Blame?: Part 2

Last week our guest blogger, Jane Howcroft, shared insights from scripture on a common lie about lust—that men won’t do it (or sexually act out) if they’re being satisfied sexually by their wife.

Today, Jane is going to further dismantle the lies in the blog post that inspired this discussion. That post, Making It Easy For Your Husband to Not Lust , displays an appalling lack of understanding about both sexual addiction and God’s heart for sexual intimacy, as revealed in scripture. Sadly, the post’s author “transformed wife,” is not alone in her ignorance, or in her determination to show it off. The results, for the wife of a porn or sex addict (i.e. the one being accused of failing to “satisfy her man”), are usually acute pain—on top of her trauma.

Fortunately we have Jane back to continue deconstructing these common lies. Jane is the author of a

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