Surviving (the world’s) Stinkin’ Thinkin’

I’ve written both in the Beyond Betrayal book and here on the blog about stinkin’ thinkin’ aka, “addictive thinking”, aka “minimize, rationalize, justify and blame.” We’ve even delved into some specific types of addictive thinking (and the way it plays out) through MJ Denis’ series on gaslighting.

As wives of sex addicts, we all have to learn to stand up to this poison in our relationship. However, I’m very aware that this type of thinking is being encountered outside of the home as well. Sometimes it’s in church. Sometimes a Christian women’s retreat. Sometimes it’s on a website — and in an article that’s supposed to be “helping” wives of sex addicts.

In our last two posts, “The Wife is to Blame,” author Jane Howcroft tackled the lies she encountered in one particular article. She focused on the lie that the wife is responsible for helping the husband not to

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