3 Ways To Beat The Shame

Maybe you haven’t heard, but we have a website called ILookAtPornWhen.com. If you visit it you will see 1,000’s of posts from people sharing when they struggle the most with pornography.

Why so many responses?

Well, I believe it is because there are a ton of people out there suffering from their sexual addiction who want to tell someone but feel like they can’t. Every person I have ever talked to that is seeking recovery has felt this way at one time or another.

The question is … why?

Why can’t we tell people about our “dirty little secret?”

The answer is … shame.

Shame is an enemy that we all deal with and something that the porn addict is only all too familiar with.  One of the reasons that pornography maintains such a strong hold on men (and women) is the incredible shame that comes along with viewing it.

Shame is

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