Can Pornography Good for Couples to Watch Together?

When I began to write this blog about whether couples can watch porn together responsibly all I had was questions.

Questions like:

– Does it make you compare yourself and/or your partner to the actors on screen? How does that affect your self-esteem? Theirs?

– Surely if a couple is watching together, at least there is openness and no secret porn viewing, right? Isn’t that good?

– Couldn’t it give ideas for sex that might spark a great sex life?

– What does watching together actually entail? Just watching? Mutual masturbation? Having sex at the same time?

– Can some couples watch porn and it be okay? Only if both are in agreement? If they can, who are we to disagree? Is there a difference between that and welcoming someone else in physically?

– What about a couple whose experience has been that porn has been helpful? How can we

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