The Ripple Effect: How One Fighter’s Action Can Inspire Big Change

There are over 7 billion people in the world.

According to the world’s largest hardcore porn site, Pornhub, 91,980,225,000 videos were viewed on that site in 2016 alone. That’s 12.5 videos viewed for every person on the earth.

If pornography is a global, $97 billion industry, what can a single person—1 of 7 billion people—do to fight this?

The reality it is, a lot. One little drop can send out far-reaching ripples. And luckily, you are not alone. We have fighters repping the movement all over the world, and we believe in rocking the boat. If one drop can break the surface tension and create a ripple effect, a lot of drops can make some serious waves.

Celebrities Who Are Stepping Up

You’ve seen us spotlight a few celebrities talking speaking out against pornography, among others, and undoubtedly there are more. But here are just a few to give you…

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