Study Reveals Men’s Behavior Toward Women After Viewing Pornography

There’s a vast amount of research on the harmful effects of pornography, and it’s important that this information is accessible to the public. Weekly, we highlight a research study that sheds light on the expanding field of academic resources that showcase porn’s harms. These studies cover a wide range of topics, from the sociological implications of pornography to the neurological effects of porn-consumption.

The full study can be accessed here.

Title of study: “Men’s Behavior Toward Women After Viewing Sexually-Explicit Films: Degradation Makes a Difference”


Past research indicates that short-term exposure to nonviolent sexual media stimuli can produce cognitive changes in men which, in turn, can affect their behavior toward women. This study explored differences among these behavioral effects based upon sexual degradation in film content and male viewers’ gender schematicity, as an extension of the study of cognitive effects reported in Jansma, Linz, Mulac, and Imrich…

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