Dear Daddy – An Open Letter To The Addicted Dad

Dear Daddy:

I now know what you were doing.

I didn’t at first, though. I didn’t know why you went to the bathroom so often when you were home, especially when Momma had to go to the store or visit a friend and it was just you and me. You’d take your smartphone in there with you and I wouldn’t see you for a long time.

I heard noises from behind the door that I didn’t understand, faint moanings mostly, that confused and scared me. I knocked on the door and asked if you were OK, only to hear you scream that you’d be out in a minute.

And you were, but then you yelled at me louder about privacy and respect, then you spanked me and told me to never bother you while you were in the bathroom again. I ran to my room and cried because I was…

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