What Do You Want When You Die?

I don’t know about you, but when I leave this world I want to know that I made a difference; that I made an impact and changed some lives.

Maybe it’s just a need to feel like I served a purpose.
Maybe it’s some sort of philanthropic selfishness.
Or maybe it’s because that’s what Jesus has called us to do: change lives.

Around ten years ago we met a porn star named Brittni at the Las Vegas AVN convention while on outreach. Brittni was a big name in the industry. In fact, she was one of the biggest names and seemingly “had it all.” But like so many we’ve met in the porn business, the “all” she had wasn’t really the “all” she wanted or needed.

When we met Brittni, we gave her a Bible that said “Jesus Loves Porn Stars” on the cover and simply showed love to…

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