She Has A Name

Whether you watch porn or not, you’ve probably heard of the Duke University student who was so overwhelmed by tuition costs ($4,000 a month!) that she began shooting porn to pay for her education.

What you may not know is that this young woman has a name. It’s Miriam.

Miriam allowed some filmmakers to shoot a documentary on her journey, how an 18-year-old college student turned to porn, a film which I viewed recently (no, I won’t link to it), all the while shaking my head in sad recognition.

Honestly, none of Miriam’s story surprised me because, in the 16 years XXXchurch has been around, we’ve heard the same story so many times. Just like most everyone in porn, Miriam chose a “porn name” (Belle Knox) and would eventually come to refer to Belle as her alter ego, a creation that helped her transition between who she really is and…

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