Ask the Experts: Part 2

This week we return to our “ask the experts” series, where a sex addiction or partner trauma expert answers your questions. Today’s question, about fetishes, is being answered by sex addiction expert, Jason Martinkus who practices out of Denver. Jason and his wife Shelley are well known in this field for their excellent work with—and resources for—men, women and couples: particularly their new “Kitchenconvos” video series.


My question has to do with fetishes. Where do these fit in with the addiction? Are these even connected to the addiction? How prevalent is it for the addict to have fetishes? This is a topic I have not seen addressed, yet can be very troubling in a marriage.

Expert Answer

I would answer this question a couple of ways. First; yes, it is connected to the addition. But, what qualifies as a “fetish” is pretty subjective. It seems like in our culture…

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