Living Life Intentionally Will Make All the Difference

Deliberate. Intentional. On purpose.

These words describe the needed mindset behind the decisions you and I must make each day (otherwise it will be easy to become lazy, make excuses, waste time, and cause us to be flippant in our approach). It was only when I began keeping note of every task I am responsible for and being detailed in organizing and figuring out the best course of action to execute that I began to get stuff done in an efficient, timely, and thorough manner. It’s quite impossible to solve a problem or accomplish a specific goal if you haven’t defined it and worked on a step-by-step plan to execute it.

If we find ourselves overwhelmed with our to-do list, it’s very possible we are not applying these words in our decision-making. We may need to delegate responsibility, learn to say no, and examine our priorities to see if our time, focus,…

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