5 Reasons to Fire Your Accountability Partner

By Forest Benedict

People can be unpredictable, and trusting others can often feels both unnatural and unnecessary, but when we decide to seek serious life change, we can quickly learn that finding an accountability partner is an essential element of that lasting change. Pushing past initial resistance, those who bravely seek connection through an accountability relationship are on the road to real freedom.

But sometimes the partners we pick are far from a good fit for us.

I’m not just pointing to personality conflicts here — we are all imperfect human beings who will have imperfect relationships. But sometimes it becomes clear that the wisest thing you can do is fire your accountability partner.

Whether you are questioning the fit of a current accountability partner or just looking to learn how to find (or improve) an accountability-based relationship, consider these five “red flags” that may mean it’s time to fire your accountability partner so that you can continue to grow.

1. A lukewarm attitude.

If your accountability partner downplays the seriousness of your struggles, this is a problem. You might hear them use minimizing phrases, or maybe it becomes clear that your partner is uncommitted to their own life changes. With a watered-down commitment, how can they be …read more

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