Review: Covenant Eyes internet accountability software

logo.1Does the accessibility of online pornography concern you?

Maybe you struggle with trying to avoid looking at it… maybe you are addicted to it?

Or maybe you are worried about someone else, a spouse, a child or a close friend?

It’s too easy to say to yourself or someone else, “stop looking at pornography… just don’t search online for it when you feel tempted!”

The reality is temptation and addiction are powerful, more powerful than mere will power or resolve and it’s very difficult to live in today’s world without an internet connection!

The Accountability Partner

God is the ultimate accountability partner, he knows our thoughts and the intentions of our hearts. However he also shows us in the Bible that he expects us to be accountable to others. He knows it makes a difference, that’s one reason why he created the Church!

Covenant Eyes software provides an internet accountability service that keeps a selected ‘accountability partner’ informed on how you are using the internet on your laptop, tablet and mobile devices. That person could be a trusted friend, church leader or spouse.

The Reports

In a nutshell, Covenant Eyes software records the webpages visited and apps used by the user and emails out a report to the partner on a frequency that suits both people – from daily to monthly (and a range in between).

Reports are based on a selected maturity rating, much like movie ratings, depending on your age or the sensitivity required: teen (social networking, chat rooms, violent games), mature teen (mild profanity), mature (dating sites, intense violence, sexual content) or highly mature (anonymizers, pornography).

If every webpage visited in a typical week was listed on the report, it could be a full-time job for the accountability partner! However Covenant Eyes reports are so easy to use. It highlights the webpages or apps that cross the sensitivity level and could be a potential problem, such as a sexually explicit webpage for a highly mature user. This then gives the partner an opportunity to discuss this with the user and find out what went wrong.

The Experience

This accountability really works, it brings hidden behaviour out into the light, where it can be seen for what it really is – sin. As one user has commented:

“Internet accountability is such a blessing, it has truly rescued me from a life of shame and regret. I am so glad that God inspired the people at Covenant Eyes to develop such a helpful product. I would hate to think what shape my life would be in without it.”

“I truly believe God uses people, like my accountability partner, to help me live a pure life, and he uses the software to make that accountability work effectively!”

If you struggle with pornography, don’t go it alone. Find someone you trust and sign up for Covenant Eyes. You’ll not regret it!

Find out more on the Covenant Eyes website and sign up via this link to get a 30 day free trial.

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