Confession is Good for the Soul

Is there a confession that’s any more daunting for a wife than to tell someone about her husband’s porn addiction? Or any addiction for that matter?

It’s just the worst!

When I found out my husband had been looking at porn
for years, I was utterly humiliated. Not only did I have to deal with the shame
and pain in my marriage, but I was so afraid to talk to anyone about it. Would anyone even understand?? In our
hyper-sex-driven culture, would anyone even care? Almost every TV show makes
pornography a joke; it’s rarely considered destructive or hurtful.

I was afraid most people would think I should just
“get over it.” And then I wondered what they would think of me. I assumed they
would think it was my fault that he looked at porn. Maybe because I had gained
weight, maybe he wasn’t attracted to me, or maybe I just didn’t satisfy him
sexually; I must be boring in bed. So many fears and insecurities overcame me
and I was so afraid. So afraid to confess, to reveal our secret to anyone.
Until I read something by William Barclay, “Secrecy kills the disciple or
the disciple kills secrecy.
” I knew that this secret was killing me. I
needed to confess this to …read more

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