Do You Think You’re Valuable?

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What do you find valuable? Maybe an heirloom that’s been treasured for generations in your family? Or maybe a new car, with all the latest technology in it? Or perhaps you look at something less material as valuable, like social status or popularity?

Now think about this: what if I smashed your heirloom against the wall? Or drove that car off an overpass? Or gossiped about you and damaged your social status? Would you be angry? Of course! Something you found valuable was damaged in some way!

So now here’s the next question: Do you think of yourself as valuable?

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We are worthy. We are deserving of respect and love. This worth of ours has been given to us when God loved us first and assigned worth to us. We aren’t valuable because we are lovable, (Tweet This!) but because he mercifully loves us anyway. We are valuable.

Pornography tries to say the opposite. And that makes me angry.

Men, what do you value? Discern between what is pleasurable for women and what is mistreatment. Ask yourself a common question, “How would you feel if she was your daughter?” Every woman is a daughter, and …read more

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