6 Boundaries to Keep Your Desires in Check

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We live in an “I think therefore I am” kind of world, though personally, I resonate with what James K. A. Smith wrote: “I love therefore I am.” At any rate, here is what I know: personally I am driven (sometimes maddeningly so) by my desires. Yes, I live from the heart.

This reality is captured in phrases like, “give me your heart,” or “you stole my heart,” or “my heart skipped a beat when I saw you.” You get the picture. 

Even the headiest among us can admit it would be kind of weird to attempt to win someone’s affections with an award-winning line such as, “Wow, you are so beautiful. I hope to steal your brain some day and make you mine.”

See what I mean? Just doesn’t work. 

We are creatures of desire, but often our desires are dark and convoluted. As such, they quickly take us in the wrong direction; to the wrong places. In other words, desire itself isn’t wrong – it just gets misdirected toward destructive ends (Tweet This!).

For instance, it’s normal for us to desire to love and be loved. The problem occurs when we follow our desire to be loved …read more

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