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Sex Addiction… Not His Problem?

In my counselling work with women suffering from betrayal trauma I routinely hear from clients that their husband is saying he is "not a sex addict."  Often the explanation continues along the lines of  "and you've got a problem, your counselor has a...

How to Communicate Effectively with Your Spouse

Men and Women Communicate Differently. Let’s face it; men and women communicate differently. Some would even say we speak different languages. Never have I found this statement to be more accurate until marriage. When men communicate, they often talk with the...

Navigating a Body Image Crisis: 3

Over the last two weeks I've been going over some of the many, thoughtful responses to the 2015 Body Image survey. In the last post we looked at some of the actions we can take to combat the negative body image that naturally arises when we find our husband is...

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