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iOS Update Available Now

Hello! We’ve got exciting news to share with you. We have released an important update to our iOS app! This update: Resolves issue where the app close when trying to browse to a new website. Resolves issues related to Bookmarks Improves overall performance...

Is It A Bad Idea To Date Someone Who Watches Porn?

This is a huge question that our generation has to deal with. Before the internet, it may have been possible for people to grow up and have relationships without either partner ever having seen porn, at least not on a regular basis. Unfortunately, with some...

Death by 1,000 Little Cuts

There once existed a now-outlawed form of execution in China called, Ling Chi, or slow torture. This form of execution was given to the worst of offenders with this idea: none of the wounds were fatal, but they were all powerful when added together. Sadly, we’ve...

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