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Pursuing Relationships with Wisdom and Discernment

Relationships are difficult work because they are made up of individuals who have competing wills, selfish hearts, different wants, set beliefs for how things are supposed to be, the desire to get their own way, bouts of stubbornness, and at times, an adamant refusal...

Ten Things I Hate About… Your Addiction

Betrayal wounds. Terribly. However, as I walk with women on the journey to healing from betrayal, I often hear how it’s not just his betrayal that is harming them. There’s something about discovering our husband’s sexual/porn addiction that enables...

An Open Letter To Pornography

Note: We received this letter from a woman named Jennifer. We thought this was great and wanted to share it with all of you. Hopefully this will help those of you who are either struggling with a porn addiction or married to a person who is.  Dear...

Rebuilding Trust

The discovery of sex or porn addition wrecks trust in couple relationships. Partner’s often describe the shock of discovering the person they were living with was not who they thought they were and the relationship they had shared together was very different...

Here’s Why Men And Women Don’t See Eye To Eye

As men and women our goal is to make our relationships with each other (especially marriages) as enriching as possible. But a common challenge we all face in making that happen is a mutual lack of understanding about how each other views and processes the world around...

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