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His Resentment: Part 1

by Dan Drake, MFT, LPCC, CCPS-S, CSAT-S This latest two-part post by Dan was originally posted on the excellent Banyan Therapy website under the title, So He Needs You to be His Mom and then Later Resents You for it: The impossible role some partners of sex addicts...

Specifics of Goal Setting

Happy Thursday, everyone!At the beginning of 2019, I put together a list of themes I'd like to address each month this year. The topic of this month's blog post is Goal Setting.I once read a quote that posed the question, "How do you eat an elephant?" The answer was...

Do you want better for yourself?

Letter to myself: Letter to myself: You have clung to this shame and hurt since you were 12 years old. It hurts me to see you continue to turn to it for comfort when as soon as the video is over you feel more hurt and shame. It is not comfort. It is hurt and pain. You...

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