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Betrayal: Leaving us Furious

Anger, possibly even rage is pretty much inevitable on this journey. I devote many pages of Beyond Betrayal to examples of survey respondents’ (and my own) anger, and our reactions to it (usually guilt). And while our anger is very frequently...

Why Watching Porn can Worsen Existing Narcissism

Did you know that experts have demonstrated the connection pornography has to other industries, such as sex trafficking or sexual exploitation? Or, consider the connections porn has to addiction: how porn can affect the brain in similar ways that alcohol or other...

Betrayal: Leaving us Shocked

Last week I gave an overview of how the pain and trauma of sexual betrayal frequently manifest. Today we look at "shock," a.k.a. "freeze."One of the respondents to the "2014/2015 Survey of Wives of Sex Addicts" said she felt like she was walking around in shock for...

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