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Your Questions Answered: Part 1

Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting the answers to some of the questions sent in by members of the Beyond Betrayal Community. These questions are being answered by veteran therapists in this field, Richard Blankenship (president of IACSAS) and Barbara...

#NoPornovember 2016 Recap – Thank You!

This year was the most successful #NoPornovember in Fight the New Drug history and all you Fighters made it possible! Each year, the No Pornovember campaign serves as a giant reminder that this movement is alive and growing. This campaign has a much larger purpose...

Comparison Blinds People

Comparison blinds us to the very real problems others have. We focus only on what we can see and forget that people are really good at hiding the not-so-glamorous parts of their lives.But have you considered… *The beautiful coat that girl is wearing may have...

Amazing 30 Day Challenge!

Hey Craig, This is probably my most favorite Day in the challenge so far! All of them have been amazing but this one so directly hits the core of identity and honestly even upon reading it, I feel alive and empowered to look shame in the face and say no more. I wanted...

Can’t Stop Watching Porn? We Can Help.

People struggling with porn are constantly faced with the problem of carrying a device they can’t live without but that also allows them unlimited access to porn with just the click of a button. We are the first generation to have the ability to access...

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