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The ‘Hopeful Anxiety’ of Recovery

One of the themes that we weave throughout our Gateway to Freedom workshop is that the men there are men of courage. In fact, it’s the first thing I tell them in the first session. You should see the looks I get. Shock. Disbelief. Some even turn away and...

When S**** Got Real for Me

Several years ago my wife and I took part in an event that was sponsored by XXXchurch called Resentment. We sat on a panel with a handful of other people who shared their stores of past hurt and pain.  My wife and I were supposed to be the token “porn...


From early childhood I have found Good Friday and Easter weekend deeply meaningful. I was maybe 10 years old the first time the story of Jesus' crucifixion made me cry. As an adult I have found that focusing on his suffering has been incredibly helpful as I've gone...

Is Making an OnlyFans Worth It?

Image retrieved from HackRead. 12-minute read. Would it be worth it to create content on OnlyFans to get tips and subscriptions? We’re not here to tell anyone what to do, control their sexual choices, or provide shame. But what we can do is give you the inside...

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