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The Life of Porn: Where It Began & How We Got Here

If we told you that there was something that could be mess with your sex life, potentially become an addiction, harm your relationships, make you depressed and anxious, and contribute to human trafficking, would you want to be be involved with it? Neither...

Friday Rant: Stop Saying “#Foodporn” and “#Wordporn”

Ah, Instagram. The home of our beloved #foodporn and #wordporn. These tags are casual and edgy ways to appreciate glorious, towering burgers and macaron-embellished cakes, or a short poem that captures our hearts. They’re also really destructive uses of...

Ten Things I Hate About… Part 4

In our first post in the Ten Things I Hate About your Addiction series we looked at the issues of anger and hatred that are so often hallmarks of the addiction. This week we’ll be looking at the obvious next steps from these two poisonous traits… cruelty...

Necessity of Fathers and Peril of the Lack Thereof

By Dr. James Dobson Chief among the threats to this generation of boys is the breakdown of the family. Every other difficulty we will consider has been caused by or is related to that fundamental tragedy. It can hardly be overstated. We have been emphasizing for years...

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