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The Pain of Betrayal: Shocked

Last week I gave an overview of how the pain and trauma of sexual betrayal frequently manifests. Today we look at "shock," a.k.a. "freeze." One of the respondents to the "2014/2015 Survey of Wives of Sex Addicts" said she felt like she was walking around in shock for...

The Worst Counsel for Breaking a Porn Addiction

Originally posted on“Is the love of pleasure and amusement growing on you—gaining the power and authority over you? Is it dulling the keenness of your zest for spiritual pleasures? Is it making Bible study, prayer, communion with Christ,...

CESE Summit_2020

The post CESE Summit_2020 appeared first on National Center on Sexual Exploitation.

Can I Give My Husband Sexy Photos of Myself?

This month we’ve been exploring some of the common “permission based” questions we get from people on a weekly basis. Questions that quite honestly, don’t help anyone. If you are a woman, maybe you’re wondering if taking those sexy photos...

Breaking Porn Addiction to keep my vow

Letter to myself: At a young age growing up I got introduce to porn, at that time the person that introduced me to it, I believe had no idea it would have such an effect on me, he was into the business of dubbing movies, i.e. copyright, and some of these movies...

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